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Unicycle Packed and Ready

So begins the ride to Atlanta. Started today out by riding 13 miles or so just to have the frame I had built snap right at the weld.

Broken Weld Broken Unicycle

Luckily we were able to drive back to the house, fix it, eat some food, and drive right back to the spot where I had stopped.

Chick Fil A Fix Unicycle Grampa

Then I finished off the day with another 15 miles or so. Not too much for the first day, but I planned in some margin just for this reason. I’m glad I did. Tomorrow I’ll be riding another 30 or more miles, and the pattern continues until I get to Atlanta!

If you want to know why I’m doing this crazy ride, it’s to raise money for an organization that helps empower and equip leaders in Southern Asia to change their communities there. If you want to learn more or donate, click the Give button on the main page.

On the Road Again