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Anthony’s Unicycle Tour


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Give to Help Resource Community Leaders in Southern Asia!

I want to live for a purpose greater than myself. Don’t you? Join me?

Not too long ago, I returned from a trip to Chile with Globalscope. For months, I was living on purpose there, living to help and care for others. When I returned several weeks ago, with time before having to go back to school, I realized that I could look at this time as “free time”, or I could make these weeks count for something greater than myself. I can still live for a purpose. And I want you to join me. 

On August 1, I am going to get on my unicycle in Kingsport, TN and start a 300 mile journey to Atlanta, GA. My goal is to complete the trip in 10 days, cycling about 30 miles each day. I’m not trying to make headlines or gain fame. I want to make a difference in people’s lives. I’ve chosen to unicycle for a cause – to raise money for an organization called Enhance* that helps resource community leaders in Southern Asia. These leaders live under severe oppression and in extreme poverty. But, we can help change that! $6,500 resources one leader to change his/her community for three years – so will you help me empower a leader and change a community?

Let’s live for a purpose.


*Name of organization has been changed to protect identities of community leaders


Some Uni Photos

The Uni Crew, my unicycling buds

Unicycling Takes You Places

Me, My Unicycle, and the Bay Bridge

Ready to Go! Will You Support My Tour?

My Tour Blog

Arrival in Atlanta!

Hey everybody, Anthony here. I just wanted to update everyone and say that I safely made it to Atlanta! I am taking today to rest and recover from 10 days of riding - I definitely need it. So, I made it. It definitely wasn't easy, and there were plenty of times along...

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47 miles in one day…

Well day 2 and part of day 3 are done. I'm starting to figure out exactly how far I can go each day given the weight, heat, and hills. Honestly, this is already one of the most physically challenging things I've ever done, but I'm making it. The hardest part was the...

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